Tompkins Cortland Community College

Student Life

Student Rights and Responsibilities

As a health consumer, you have a right to:

  • Considerate and compassionate care that respects personal beliefs and values.
  • Competent care by qualified professionals.
  • Information regarding your diagnosis and treatment in terms you can understand.
  • All information needed to give informed consent for any procedure or treatment.
  • Refuse treatment, as permitted by law, and be informed of the medical consequences of refusal.
  • Confidentiality of personal information, including medical records, which will only be released with your written consent or in the case of a medical emergency or court-ordered subpoenas and per policy.
  • Know the names and positions of the people involved in your care by means of an official nametag and/or personal introduction.
  • Seek care from your own provider.
  • Seek another opinion prior to any treatment.
  • Review your Tompkins Cortland medical record with a staff medical provider in accordance with policy.
  • Express concern or grievance to the Director of Health Services.
  • Provide suggestions.

As a health consumer, you are responsible for:

  • Providing complete and honest information about your health.
  • Asking questions if you do not understand your diagnosis, treatment, or any instructions.
  • Participating in your care by following recommendations.
  • Keeping appointments or notifying the staff as soon as possible of you are unable to keep your appointment.
  • Being respectful of the staff and other patients.
  • Any charges billed to you, whether by Tompkins Cortland Health Services, a laboratory, hospital, or other health care provider.