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What's Happening at the CTC?

"Teaching the Whole Student"

That's our CTC theme for 2016-17. Teaching the whole student cuts both ways. It means making a place at the table for all the world experience our students bring to college, while also understanding the complexities that may be interfering with college. Family responsibilities, tragedies, homelessness, hunger, the struggle to adapt to college expectations, sudden independence...all these things and more may lead our students to present something less than their most brilliant selves. Understanding each individual's achievements and challenges makes each of us a better mentor.

Each year we try to choose a theme that will encourage reflection. Not all of our programs this year will be on our theme, but it is a special invitation to each of you to share experiences you have had with your students - your own achievements and challenges in the ongoing journey of teaching.

Variety of Roundtables for the Spring Semester

You'll find a variety of interesting new topics on tap for the Spring 2017 Roundtables, including "Breaking from the Lecture," and "Emphasizing Learning Over Perfection." Two popular monthly series, "What's Working" and "By Adjuncts For Adjuncts" will continue. Our esteemed Provost will be visiting us again for a "Chat with the Provost" on February 1. There will be not just one, but two monthly reading groups. The group discussing This Changes Everything will meet first Monday of each month at noon. Hillbilly Elegy will be the topic third Wednesdays at 4 pm.

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Connecting, Collaborating and Celebrating the Art of Teaching

CCCAT returns again to Tompkins Cortland this year and many of our colleagues are scheduled to present. Conference information is now available. Contact Barbara Kobritz for more information.

Mentors and Partners Program (MAP)

Our priority for the Mentorship program this year has been all the new full-time faculty coming on board. So far this year the CTC has funded six New Faculty Mentorships, five for teaching faculty and one for non-teaching faculty. We also have one Faculty Partnership in progress this spring. We plan to focus more this semester on reporting back from the mentorships. We would like the learning that takes place between the mentor/mentee pairs to benefit others. We have asked each mentorship team to propose an appropriate setting - either a Roundtable, a College Day, or a faculty meeting - to share their findings. Watch your email for announcements of these presentations.

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Gabrielle Cook

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