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NEW! Electronic transcript option available!

An official transcript will be processed only if requested by the student. Transcripts include all credit/equivalent credit coursework taken at Tompkins Cortland, including dual/concurrent enrollment courses. 

The College requires at least two business days to send requested transcripts. Allow additional time for postal delivery. 

Transcripts may be ordered online, in writing, or in person. We cannot accept transcript requests by phone or email. 

The option to send a transcript electronically (PDF) is available for students who first attended the College in 2000 or later. 

The fee for a transcript requested online is $8 per transcript. The fee for transcript requested in writing is $15. Any outstanding financial obligations to the college must be resolved before an office transcript will be released.

Ways to order your official transcript

Request a Transcript Online

Transcripts ordered online are $8 per transcript. A major credit card and valid email address are required to place requests online. 

To begin your online order, please click the TranscriptsPlus® link below.

Transcript Plus

Current students can order through their myTC3 account. Graduates and prior students can ordered online through TranscriptPlus.

Transcripts ordered online from TranscriptPlus® are $8 per transcript. A major credit card and valid email address are required to place requests online.  

Request a Transcript by mail or fax

Transcripts ordered by mail or fax are $15 per transcript.

Download, complete, and mail or fax the transcript request form.

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